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Maharishi Panchkarma

Nasya (Nasal Infiltration): Nasya is the most important treatment given at the concluding stage of Panchkarma, with lot of body care and strict physical and mental food, rest restrictions as to get better benefits. It consists of nasal infiltration of medicated oils and liquids, through nasal rout lying at the doorsteps of brain. Nasya treatment is to be given in Kapha ailments in forenoon on empty stomach, Nasya treatment to be given in Pitta ailments at noon and to be given in Vata ailments in the afternoon. It is indicated in diseases of upper respiratory tract in Kapha sufferings in soft and hard palate, throat, heaviness in the head dyspepsia, sinusitis, hemicranias, worms, chronic cold.

Virechan: The word virechana in broad sense is purging out of morbid doshas through all body outlets and out channels. In the specific terms of Panchkarma “Mal Virechan” is to purge out waste matter from rectal root for colon cleansing. It is induced by herbs that eliminate the three doshas particularly the pitta dosha, it is a perfect way of elimination therapy. As a cloth dyeing, takes up good color only when it is washed and cleaned well for flying colors. So also for effective and successful panchkarma treatment therapy the body should be cleaned perfectly well by flushing out the morbid doshas with virechana treatment. It is for long lasting balancing of Tri dosha.

Patra: Patra means leaves, potli means bundle. The process of hot fomentation on any painful body part with or without swelling. It is by applying vata calming herbs. Dried leaves powder heated & bundled in a cloth is patra potli.

It is used in vata and kapha dosha & nervous disorders and painful boney joints like arthritis, Rheumatism swollen and painful joints, sciatica and paralysis etc. The patra potli is a heating treatment and should be followed by Abhyanga by sesame oil.

Duration of treatment 30 to 40 minutes.


Sarve Shamakshi Roganamadaba Schotanam Hitam
Raktodak Kandugharshashru Daaha Raag Nibarhanam

For prevention of all eye disease eye drops instillation is recommended, as a precautionary measure before starting of any lacrimation, haemorrhagic tendency, itching, grittiness, burning sensation or redness in conjunctiva should be checked.

Akshi Tarpan: Even after the above preventive measures when the eyes become soar, with irregular eye lashes, clouded vision, Timira, Arjuna, Mantha, Anyatovalia, Shukra etc., and after relief from red and painful eye in temperate season Akshi Tarpan is done.

Mukh Lep: The herbalized paste applied on the face to cleanse it from dust, discoloration to neutralize toxic substances and to give glittering effect to the face.

It is of 3 types to cure:

  • Defective doshas: Application of paste to pacify Kaph and Vata Dosha is done with herbal substance.
  • Neutralize poisons: Application of herbalized paste to neutralize toxic substance and purification of pitta dosha.
  • For face glow: To give treatment for glamorous and glowing face with cooling substances.

By facial, blood flow is increased giving extra energy. It gives sharpness to eyesight, face becomes soft and silky and renders feeling of pleasure. The warts, pimples, wrinkles are removed. It gives moral booster, generates wellbeing and wards of depression, blood flow increased, and glow of face in enhanced.

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