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Maharishi Panchkarma

Effect of Abhyanga: Slumber and soothing abhyanga is a body massage that regenerates and stimulate the whole nerve route above in a general synchronized massage on the whole body enhancing the body texture and improves lifespan. The 107 marmas, the pressure points are stimulated to revitalize the deeper level body tissues system. The body immunological resistance to fight disease is enhanced by abhyanga. It helps elimination of toxins, helps restore circulation and also regenerates nerves. It nourishes skin.

Contra indication for Abhyanga: A person suffering with kapha dosha, fever, indigestion, vomiting and diarrhea should not the given abhyanga.

Shiro Dhara: Shiro Dhara is continuous stream flow, falling on the fore head and head by different liquids treated with herbal decoction. The stream flow of herbalized milk is known as Ksheer Dhara, with butter milk it is Takra Dhara, with sesame oil it isknows as Tail Dhara. Stream flow on fore head is continued for 30 to 45 minutes, it causes soothing pleasure of relaxation and induces sleep; relieves tension, awards tranquility to mind, corrects insomnia, removes depression, invigorates the 5 senses.

Stream flow is made to fall on the fore head from a specific height. Its relaxing power helps to answer ones emotional and mental situation towards refreshed positive attitude towards life.

Sarvaang Dhara-Pizichili: Squeezing the oil drenched rag piece all over the body is the meaning of Pizichili. 2-4 technicians pour the warm oil stream rhythmically from 4 sides of the person. The herbalized oil invigorates the paralyzed nerves in hemiplegic and para plegia cases, with neurological problems. The rag pieces held in hand are dipped in the oil vessel is to drench in oil and later to squeeze to stream of herbalized oil on the body in a rhythmic order. Care to be taken to confine the oil pouring on the body only below head and neck.

Shiro Basti: Head covered by a special cap to hold medicated herbal oil for longer duration. The cap open top above is fixed on the head at ear level and the head and cap junction is fixed tightly with black gram flour paste. The medicated oil is made to stay on the scalp drenching the hair and head with a refreshed pleasant feeling as if swimming in an oil tank. It gives hair growth, avoids hair fall, and removes insomnia and slumber feeling.

Swedan-Steam bath: The steam bath box has 2 chambers, the upper chamber is having perforated platform on which the patient is laid down with blanket cover comfortably. The below chamber has heating plates to heat and boil herbal decoction to emit steam fumes.

The steam bath chamber is made up of wooden box 6 x 2½ ft x 2 feet. The medicinal fumes from boiler decoction below enter the upper chamber over where patient’s lie is subjected to heat treatment with herbal fumes, cause sudation and perspiration. Care is taken to keep the head out of chamber and only the body below the neck and head is subjected to heat treatment.

Griva, Kati and Janu Basti The above named Basti are actually not the ones given by rectal route but they are the oil treatments done on superficial painful joint of the major bones. Griva Basti is applied on the neck in the cervical area; Kati Basti is applied on the lumbar region and Janu basti on the knee joint.

A black gram flour paste is applied on the afflicted part in circular enclosure, 1-2” in height and a circle of 2 inches radius is made with paste. The junction of circular paste and the body are tightly pressed to avoid leakage of oil, after which medicated warmed oil is poured in the enclosure. It is allowed to stay for 45 minutes. In all chronic joint pains arthritis, spondylitis and other neurons and boney disorders it is highly useful.

Avagaha Swed: The word Avagah means to dip. Avagaha is the process of making the patient sits in like warm Vata calming herbal decoction dipped upto loin. Before this the body is properly applied with sesame oil and massaged well. The decoction so filled in the Avagaha tub that it should cover the body 9 cm above naval region. Duration of Avagaha treatment is 30-60 minutes. It is highly beneficial in sciatica, renal colic, lumbar and back pain and in painful joints, spondylitis and slip disc.

Avarkishi Shahthi - Shalic Pinda Swed

The meaning of avar-kishi is rice variety (Shashti), kishi is the bolus of rice likewise. Pinda swed means fomentation with a bolus of rice boiled in milk and decoction of herbal roots like bala.

Guest should be made to sit comfortably on massage table only with a loin cloth. The Abhyanga oil massage with chanting of Mantras is done. Oils selected according to Doshas in Guest. The Abhyanga is completed in 30 to 45 minutes. Tail Dhara with paste of Amlka ribes is applied on the scalp. In nervous debility cases poliomyelitis, hemiplagia, paraplegia, parkinsons, bell’s palsy, muscular wasting and all nervous disorders this treatment is very effective.

Udvartana: Udvartana is a dry massage by vigorous and forceful rubbing in reverse from downwards to upwards direction on the body skin. Exofoliative dry powder of dicotyledonous horse gram powder (flour) is used for Udvartana. It helps to stimulate lymphatic system to expel the subcutaneous toxins and also dissolves fatty and adipose tissue to depart from under skin. It helps reduce the body weight and to cure obesity, which has become pandemic in Europe, American population and widely increasing in other countries also. It helps free flow of blood and also regenerates nerve ending in the ectoderm.

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