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Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishnuh Gurur Devo Maheshwarah
Gurur Saakshat Parambrahma Tasmai Shri Gurave Namah

Having performed Puja of Vedic Holy Tradition, I bow down and dedicate myself to the lotus feet of Anant Shri Vibhushit His Divinity Jagadguru Shankaracharya Brahmaleen Gurudev Brahmanand Saraswati Ji and also I bow down to the lotus feet of Maharishi Ji.

Maharishi Ji, you have told me several times, that when you had decided to come out of Uttarkashi, You had only two things with you. First–the knowledge and second–the blessings. You have been fortunate to receive both of these from Shri Guru Dev. With the knowledge and blessings, you have done miraculous spiritual revolution and have reestablished Jagadgurutwa of land of the Veda-land of total knowledge, land of wholeness, land of Devatas–India and also established Jagadgurutwa of Shri Guru Dev in every corner of this earth.

Fifty years back, Maharishi Ji planted a little plant of Spiritual Regeneration Movement and with your continuous divine care, this plant has grown to a huge big Wish Yielding tree, in which innumerable kind of flowers are blooming and fruits are bearing. Maharishi Ji, you have told me that when a plant is small, it needs a support of wooden stick, but when it is grown to a big tree, many elephants could be tied up with the same tree.

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