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Maharishi World Peace Movement

Researches show that traditional approaches to attain peace have failed, because they do not address the underlying cause of stress, terrorism, violence and conflict; they do not address the acute political, ethnic, and social stresses that fuel terrorism, violence and war. Maharishi World Peace Movement’s approach is based on the most advanced knowledge of modern quantum physics, the scientific programme, which utilizes the holistic evolutionary power of Natural Law–will of god, at the most fundamental level of nature’s functioning.

This new approach is inspired by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s latest call to the world to reach out to the young minds–the student community to revolutionize the peace efforts, with the most powerful approach, already successfully tried out in the Combat Zones–Vedic Technology for achieving invincibility.

“Consciousness based education develops total brain potential, it offers the complete knowledge of Natural Law available in 40 aspects of Veda and Vedic Literature, it makes every mind balanced and spreads coherence in society, removing stress leading to invincibility for everyone”. --Maharishi ji

Maharishi World Peace Movement invites all well-wishers of humanity to join hands in the interest of whole world family. If each one of you joins the noble movement and inspires 100 other individuals to join, the world will transform to a different world all together, all future generations will be indebted to India for all time for their invincible and peaceful life, where no one will live life in stress, strain and suffering, life will be heavenly on earth.

“It will be a great joy for everyone to participate in creating permanent world peace.  The first best choice will be to practice Transcendental Meditation to develop total brain functioning and gain peace within yourself, so that you radiate the light of peace into the atmosphere and your life is not exposed to stress and strain.  The second best choice will be to establish in your country a Peace Group and contribute to build Schools, Colleges, and Universities of World Peace with groups of peace-creating experts.  No one has to say anything about the importance of peace.   Everyone knows what happens when the missiles fall.  Do everything to create peace as quickly as possible. Don’t delay. Do it today, tomorrow may not ever come”. --Maharishi ji

Peace lovers are there throughout India, thus reaching a large number of population with Maharishi Ji’s message of Peace and Invincibility is easy.  We propose to use all modern means of communication technology to speedily approach maximum number of citizens from every area of society and make each and every one join the Peace Movement.

“The knowledge and technology to create peace are available.  The approach is simple because peace is the inner nature of everyone’s life.  It has been authenticated by modern scientific research and theories.  And now, through today’s instant communication systems, everyone in every part of the world can receive it.  That is why it is completely within our reach to create a civilization that is free from problems, negativity and suffering”. --Maharishi ji

An administrative structure is already established in the country at all levels- starting from Village Panchayat, Development Block, Tahsil, Janpad, District, State and National level. The Peace Movement will establish Maharishi World Peace Capital at every administrative level. At every level we will form Maharishi World Peace Movement Committee; few responsible honorable citizens could take lead and become the office bearers of the local committee.  Besides all peace efforts, this committee will organize teaching and group practice of Transcendental Meditation, TM-Sidhi for maximum possible number of people in their geographical boundary, with a target of ensuring 1% of population regularly practices TM and TM Sidhi programme twice daily for World Peace and Invincibility.

As per Maharishi Ji’s divine wish, all Maharishi World Peace Capitals will have the following:

  • Teachers of Transcendental Meditation, TM-Sidhi programme and Maharishi Vedic Science.
  • A group of highly trained Vedic Pundits to perform individual and collective Grah-Shanti and Vastu Shanti.
  • Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health Experts will be available to advice people on preventive health care.
  • Jyotishi (Vedic Astrologer) will do timely advance prediction of negative influence of Grahas and will suggest pacifying Anushthans, Yagyas and Grah-Shanti.
  • Sthapati-Vastuvid (Vedic Architect) will advice construction/rectification of homes, offices, schools, industrial buildings and township on the principles of Vastu Vidya.
  • A team of Gandharvans (Musicians of Indian Classical Music) will create harmony in nature through their daily performance and will also train next generation in the performing Art.
  • Experts of Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture and Horticulture will make sure that every one is educated about pure, organic food and its benefits.

“The nature of life is bliss.  And the purpose of education is to connect the conscious mind with this basic reality of life, which has been lost to memory due to improper, incomplete fragmented education.  This is easy to achieve because the field of bliss–the field of Atma–the Self–the Unified Field of Natural Law is the self-referral consciousness of everyone.  Through Vedic education, the nature of life will be brought up to this transcendental field of conscious awareness, and mankind will live in bliss, peace, harmony, affluence and all possibilities.”. --Maharishi ji

Maharishi World Peace Movement has following ten points initial action plan:

  • We all love peace, and are willing to do any thing, every thing that is possible for achieving ever-lasting peace in India and through India for the whole World family.
  • All Participants will do Yogasanas, Pranayam, will practice Maharishi Transcendental Meditation, TM-Sidhi Programme, Advance Techniques twice daily.
  • We will provide invincibility through prevention. Our practical approach is–" हेयम दुःखम अनागतम " Heyam Dukham Anagatam. This approach is applicable in every area of human life; education, health, agriculture, defence, economy, rehabilitation, construction, administration etc.
  • We will follow and be guided by the supreme Laws of Nature–will of God.
  • We will construct and use properly oriented Vastu homes, schools, hospitals, offices, industrial buildings, villages and cities to gain maximum support of Nature.
  • We will eat Vedic organic food and will not eat any food, which contains poisonous chemicals.
  • We will take care of our health through Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health.
  • We will prevent problems by individual and collective Graha Shanti, Vastu Shanti and Yagyas.
  • We will create harmony within individuals and nations by natural heavenly melodies of Gandharva Ved.
  • We will enliven all beautiful evolutionary qualities of nature within our own Atma-the Self by reading and listening Ved and other aspects of Vedic Literature

Maharishi World Peace Movement in India will interact with all 192 countries in the World and will design action plan for peace and invincibility for all countries.

The Movement functionaries in no way will interfere with the functioning and policies of the Government. Following three guidelines will be kept in mind:

  • Maharishi World Peace Movement is a non-governmental, non-political movement and thereby will be a complementary movement to Statutory Bodies of Governments, The Movement will include students, experts in Vedic Science & Technology and prominent citizens from various fields of social life. Its focus will be to create prevention oriented problem free administration leading to automation in administration, to establish permanent peace and harmony in India and the whole world– invincibility for all nations, where no suffering will exist, every one will enjoy heavenly life on earth. 
  • The functioning of various aspects of Movement would be based on Scientific Principles and Natural Law–Vedic Science, already proven technology for Global Peace and Invincibility.
  • Maharishi World Peace Movement will be supportive and non-interferer in the normal function of the Governments.  However, it will be in the advisory capacity only, with various functionaries and organizations to adopt peace processes as laid down in Indian ancient Vedic Culture.

The Peace Movement lays attention on student community, which includes students from Nursery to Ph. D. level. Focusing on students, our belief is that a student who is part of our Peace Movement, throughout his studies and his life, will never develop any kind of negativity and will never violate any laws of nature.  Thus, very soon we will have ideal citizens forming ideal society, advocating principles and programmes of lasting peace, establishing invincible India and invincible family of nations. 

All Participants who join the Peace Movement, will carry an identity card, which will give them required honour, authority and identification as peace promoters.

Maharishi World Peace Movement