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Plans and Programmes for Participants

Maharishi World Peace Movement will do the following in the interest of the Participants:

  1. Well designed informative and interactive web site will provide all details on various plans and programmes of Maharishi World Peace Movement.
  2. Will occasionally send E-News Letter or printed News Letter to all articipants containing plans, programmes and news up date.
  3. Will make arrangements for learning Transcendental Meditation, Sidhi Programme, Yogic Flying and Advance Techniques.
  4. With the help of participants will make necessary arrangements for group practice of TM, Sidhi Programme and Yogic Flying on all administrative levels at multiple locations.
  5. Will make suitable arrangements for discussion on personal experience of TM, Sidhi Programme and Yogic Flying.
  6. Will organise conferences, conventions, seminars and workshops for the Participants on various Vedic and other life supporting aspects.
  7. Time to time will arrange visit of experts of vedic knowledge and other disciplines to different locations where Participate can listen the address or can consult with the experts.
  8. Will make suitable arrangements for consultancy with Jyotishi (preparation of horoscope, predictions, finding muhurta, recommendation of graha shanti, anushthan and yagyas), Sthapati (as per Sthapatya Ved-Vastu Vidya-finding of suitable land, checking and suggesting building lay out, designing and rectification of homes, buildings and township) and Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health Experts to get advice on preventive health care and cure.
  9. Will send team of Gandharvans (Artists of ancient Indian Classical Music) to give concerts to create harmony in nature, to give lecture and demonstration.
  10. Will send experts of Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture (MVOA) to bring latest information of products and benefits of MVOA and information on hazardous dangerous effects of poisonous chemical containing food.
  11. Will arrange short term residential training and refresher courses on TM, Sidhi programme, vedic and various aspects.
  12. Priority information and admission to Participants for different programmes of other Maharishi Organisations.
Maharishi World Peace Movement