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Sahasrasheersha Purusha Mandal

Purusha Programme

  • The blissful daily routine including individual and group practice of Yogasanas, Pranayam, Transcendental Meditation (TM) and the TM- Siddhi Programme.
  • Additional exercises as personal health conditions and requirement.
  • Advance courses on Yogasana, Pranayam, TM, TM-Siddhi, Advance Techniques.
  • Courses, conferences, conventions, seminars and workshops on all forty aspects of Maharishi Vedic Science.
  • Courses on maintaining perfect health, prevention oriented health care, daily and seasonal routine and health diet and nutrition.
  • Courses on Health-promoting vegetarian food, home garden allowing to grow organic fresh healthy vegetables and flowers.
  • Participation in activities and celebrations as per Vedic Calendar, that further promotes and enlivens bliss, harmony, and peace in the society.
  • Jyotish consultancy by expert Jyotishies (preparation of horoscope, predictions, finding muhurta, recommendation of graham shanti, anushthan and yagyas).
  • Sthapatya Ved-Vastu consultancy (location suitable land, designing houses/ buildings, suggesting and checking building layout, rectification of already built homes, buildings and township, interior of homes/buildings) by expert Sthapati.
  • Health consultancy by experts of Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health to get advice on preventive health care and cure.
  • Consultancy by Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture experts to provide latest information and updates on various food products on various food products and prevention from hazardous dangerous effects of poisonous chemical containing food.
  • Concerts by Gandharavans (Musicians or Artists) to create coherence harmony, balance in nature and peace and to give lecture & demonstration for explaining theory and practice of Gandharava Ved with its effect and benefits.
  • Chanting of all four Vedas and other aspects of Vedic Literature to create soothing healing healthy effect, harmony, happiness, peace in society and environment and finally to create balance in nature, seeking nature’s support.
  • Sending Digital News Letters to keep participants update on all social issues, life supporting knowledge and researches.
  • Invite and include all peace-loving men from different cultures, societies, religions and walks of life to participate in SPM programmes.
  • To unite society in a global initiative to nourish and strengthen every individual and nation by providing immense benefits of Indian rich cultural heritage, vedic knowledge and Maharishi’s technologies for fulfilment and upliftment in every area of life, ultimately in every area of life, ultimately creating World Peace and Heaven of Earth.
Sahasrasheersha Purusha Mandal